Diamond Beauty milk - Sublime caramel complexion

Diamond Beauty natural milk is fruit-based, provides deeper lightening and hydration of the skin for a very clear, even and bright complexion.


- Why would you like it?

brightening, hydrating and unifying, it brings an incomparable softness to the skin and allows to obtain an impeccable complexion.


Milk certified by health professionals and tested without any side effects.

Diamond Beauty milk - Sublime caramel complexion

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  • RESULT: 1st visible effect from 7 days.


    • Product type: Body range, skin care
    • Nature of product: unifying and luminous skin care
    • Formulation: fruit acids, vitamin C, A and E.
    • Particularity: Allows to sublimate the skin, soften it and gives it a uniform skin.
    • Usage: Apply body milk to the body every morning.

    Milk certified ❌without Hydroquinone, ❌without cortisone and without ❌paraben.

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