Bleaching Beauty Oil - light skin

Quality oil with its effective dosage formula by its association with whitening sea powder and glutathione.


It whitens the skin while moisturizing it in depth, unifying it and above all by treating tasks and headlights at the same time for a bleached, uniform and sublime mixed complexion.

No need to inject now this range will give you the same results.

Bleaching Beauty Oil - light skin

SKU: 00014
  • RESULT : You will notice a change after 7 days of use by the majority.


    - Product type: Body whitening range

    -Nature of the product: whitening and unifying skin care

    -Formulation: sea powder, glutathione, vitamin C, E and B3 and E, milk, Arbutin.

    -Speciality: Allows a real whitening of the skin for a well bleached mixed race and more uniform and luminous mixed race.

    - Use:

    the oil on the skin of the body excluding the face, applies respectively in the morning and in the evening after the bath.

    NB: the range is ❌without Hydroquinone and and "❌without cortisone.

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