Clear Beauty Exfoliation Clear natural shiny complexion

The Clear Beauty 100% Organic scrub is mainly made from papaya.

It helps to clarify the skin, while purifying the skin and unifying it for a clear, radiant and super uniform complexion, without damaging the skin.

  • This scrub allows the exfoliation of dead skin, rids the pores of their excess sebum. It purifies the skin and refines the skin texture and brightens the skin.


Clear Beauty Exfoliation Clear natural shiny complexion

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    • Product type: skin care, clarifying and lightening gammation
    • Nature of the product: skin lightening treatment
    • Formulation: papaya, rose oil, vitamin C, A and E, fragrance, milk.
    • Particularity: Allows to lighten the skin, soften it and gives it a clear uniform.
    • Use: Make the exfoliation 1 to 2 times per week according to the sensitivity of your skin. rinse.

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