Diamond Beauty face cream - Bright caramel complexion

Excellent fruit-based natruelle cream, provides deeper lightening and hydration of the skin for a uniform and luminous caramel complexion.


- Why would you like it?

softening face cream and complexion enhancer by treating facial stains and provides a uniform complexion without stains.


Cream certified by health professionals and tested without any side effects.

Diamond Beauty face cream - Bright caramel complexion

€26.90 Regular Price
€23.99Sale Price
  • RESULT : 1st visible effect from 7 days.


    • Product type: Body range, skin care
    • Nature of product: unifying and luminous skin care
    • Formulation: fruit acids, vitamin C, A and E.
    • Particularity: Allows to sublimate the skin, soften it and gives it a uniform skin.
    • Use: Apply the face cream in the morning and in the evening after the bath.

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